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American Heart Association Online Course

To minimize the risk of COVID-19 transmission during American Heart Association (AHA) courses, the AHA will temporarily allow Training Centers to conduct virtual training for cognitive learning and/or hands-on skills. Virtual training methods may be used until social distancing guidelines for reducing the transmission of COVID-19 outbreak are no longer in effect.

You must take the online part first via our website (Add course to cart, make a profile, complete each of the modules by watching the videos, required reading, do the quiz questions and then take the final exam). After you pass the final exam the system will prompt you to schedule your virtual webinar with the live American Heart Association instructor. After you complete the webinar with the live instructor via zoom, you will be issued the American Heart Association eCard on heart.org & the instructor will help you claim it before you leave the zoom call.

During this live session you are able to ask questions and we can assess your skills. Once your skills testing is complete, we will issue you the American Heart Association eCard Certification good for 2 years.

How does it work?

Zoom Screen ShotFor BLS CPR you do not need any equipment for the webinar, we do what's called "reverse demonstration". We have the manikins on our side and we will have an interactive skills session on how to do CPR for Adult/Child/Infant and the AED. The instructor will ask you specific questions and how to do each of the tasks. You must be able to interact by audio and visual. Skills can last from 30-40mins depending on skills level.

For the advance courses ACLS & PALS, you do not need any equipment. We have the real monitors and drugs on our side. You will be shown a rhythm and asked to react with the appropriate intervention. (defibrillation, cardioversion, drugs/dosages, etc). You will be shown the monitor and review what buttons to hit (charge, sync, pace) to perform the skills. The instructor will test you on the 4 American Heart Association megacode (cardiac arrest, post cardiac arrest ROSC, bradycardia and tachycardia). You must be able to interact by audio and visual. Skills can last from 60-90 minutes depending on skills level.

At the conclusion of the webinar the instructor will inform you of the next steps, including on how to claim your American Heart Association eCard.

Zoom Meeting

American Heart Association webinars are done via Zoom. There could be up to 10 people in the webinar classroom with you. Go to the download center on Zoom.us. You can connect using any computer or tablet with a camera and microphone. If you are new to Zoom, click HERE to test your device compatibility.

Best Practices

To do the skills test, you should NOT be in a public place such as a Cafeteria, Starbucks, Break Room, Bench in the Park, outside at the pool or in a moving or stationary car and/or at the gym on the treadmill (Yes we have had all of these happen). All these places are unacceptable. We will reschedule your skills test if you are not in a quiet area able to converse with our instructor. You must also have a strong internet connection. Advanced courses (ACLS/PALS) students are encouraged to take the skills on a computer or tablet in order to see the rhythms clearer and have a better user experience, however a phone will work.

BLS CPR Webinar Topics

Adult/Child/Infant/AED Download BLS CPR Summary for Webinar

ACLS/PALS Webinar Topics

ACLS - Cardiac Arrest, Bradycardia, Tachycardia & Post Cardiac Arrest Download ACLS Algorithms for Webinar
PALS - Cardiac Arrest, Bradycardia, Tachycardia, Post Cardiac Arrest & Respiratory Emergencies Download PALS Algorithms for Webinar