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American Heart Association Online CourseYes we are an American Heart Association (AHA) Training Center. You must take the online part first (watch the videos, do the quiz questions and then take the final exam). After you pass the final exam the system will prompt you to schedule your virtual webinar with the live American Heart Association instructor. After you complete the webinar with the live instructor via zoom, you will be issued the American Heart Association eCard on & the instructor will help you claim it before you leave the zoom call.

During this live session you are able to ask questions and we can assess your skills. Once your skills testing is complete, we will issue you the American Heart Association eCard Certification good for 2 years.

Once you complete the online part (videos/quiz questions and final exam) you will be prompted to schedule your webinar or you the option on the left hand navigation bar to Schedule your webinar. You can be located anywhere in the world to do the webinar as long as you have a strong internet connection.

Pick Schedule Skill Session on Left Hand navigation, for the completed course click on the blue "schedule session". You can schedule multiple skills sessions for the multiple courses you have purchased.

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For BLS CPR you do not need any equipment for the webinar, we do what's called "reverse demonstration". We have the manikins on our side and we will have an interactive skills session on how to do CPR for Adult/Child/Infant and the AED. The instructor will ask you specific questions and how to do each of the tasks. You must be able to interact by audio and visual. Skills can last from 30-40mins depending on skills level.

For the advance courses ACLS & PALS, you do not need any equipment. We have the real monitors and drugs on our side. You will be shown a rhythm and asked to react with the appropriate intervention. (defibrillation, cardioversion, drugs/dosages, etc). You will be shown the monitor and review what buttons to hit (charge, sync, pace) to perform the skills. The instructor will test you on the 4 American Heart Association megacode (cardiac arrest, post cardiac arrest ROSC, bradycardia and tachycardia). You must be able to interact by audio and visual. Skills can last from 60-90 minutes depending on skills level.

We have set up a special web page to go over all the specifics on how the webinar will be done and what to expect. Please visit our AHA Webinar Page by Clicking here.

Yes you can, you must complete all online work first, then when you are done with the last module schedule one webinar, in the comments box put the multiple courses you need to complete

You can come and go the application will save each module. When you come back you can use the logon screen to pick up right where you left off. If you are the final exam step, you must hit "Save" to save your final exam answers.

As of March 10, 2020 - To minimize the risk of COVID-19 transmission during AHA courses, the AHA will allow Training Centers to conduct virtual training for cognitive learning and/or hands-on skills via Zoom/Skype/FaceTime. Virtual training methods may be used until social distancing guidelines for reducing the transmission of COVID-19 outbreak are no longer in effect.

The sound and camera positioning for virtual testing must be adequate for the Instructor to accurately assess cognitive understanding of high-quality CPR and/or the advance course with drug intervention and cardiac monitors.

You must be able to Zoom, FaceTime or Skype on a computer or phone and be in a quiet environment able to concentrate on the skills test with a strong internet connection.

You should NOT be in a public place such as a Cafeteria, Starbucks, Break Room, Bench in the Park and/or at the gym on the treadmill (Yes we have had all of these happen). All these places are unacceptable. We will reschedule your skills test if you are not in a quiet area able to converse with our instructor.

Yes. Our ACLS, BLS, and PALS courses are eligible for AMA Category 1 Credits™ / Continuing Education credits. You can download it after you complete the course by clicking on "Continuing Education Certificates" on the left hand navigation.


Yes all receipts are able to be downloaded. You can download it by clicking on "Product Detail/Receipt" on the left hand navigation.


If you are having issues paying via our site you can always use "Pay on PayPal" - You do not need a paypal account. Select the Radio button, and click on yellow PayPal Button.

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Yes, our course materials are The American Heart Association (AHA) 2015 Edition ACLS Provider Handbook, The American Heart Association (AHA) 2015 Edition BLS Provider Handbook, The American Heart Association (AHA) 2015 Edition PALS Provider Handbook, The American Heart Association (AHA) 2015 Edition CPR Provider Handbook.

The American Heart Association (AHA) no longer issues physical course completion cards. They are issued electronically via each individual student's unique email. After completion of the AHA webinar via Zoom/FaceTime/Skype you will issued the ecard. And don't worry, the instructor stays on the Zoom call until you claim your AHA eCard and email it to yourself.

Since we offer the American Heart Association certification (AHA with skills testing via webinar) this advanced level of authorization and certification makes the courses slightly higher. American Heart Association is a nationally accreditied certification.

Because we are accredited by the Postgraduate Institute for Medicine (PIM) & the American Heart Association each module must have quiz questions that test the students knowledge. Each module has quiz questions that must be answered correctly, you can not skip the questions, but you can skip or forward the video.

Yes. Provider handbooks are included (digitally) with all certifications, once you login you will be given the opportunity view the book.

No, you do not have to purchase the AHA provider manual to complete the course, the online version is included in the course.

Yes the American Heart Association certification requires a live skills session (via webinar Zoom/Skype/Facetime) with one of our AHA instructors to perform skills testing. If you do not do the webinar you are not issued the AHA certification.

Yes. You may receive a 100% refund if your employer does not accept our American Heart Association certification (minus any credit card fees), you must provide proof that your employer will not accept.

No. Our programs are designed to be taken at your own pace. We are considerate of health care professional's busy schedules. Should you begin the exam and find yourself unable to finish it in one sitting, you can save your progress and you may pick up where you left off.

The total number of questions varies on the program. ACLS/PALS are 50 questions as per the American Heart Association & BLS CPR is 25 questions. Heartsaver/Lay Person CPR & First Aid has 20 questions. Heartsaver/Lay Person and Bloodborne Pathogens CPR has 15 questions.

Our certification programs include unlimited retakes of certification exams. Every attempt, you receive a new set of questions.

Your account will always remain active for one year.

Yes, our program was formed by a team of physicians, physician assistants, nurse practitioners, and nurses to provide the highest standard of certification for all health care professionals and would-be professionals.

Yes American Heart Association Certification are the top certifications worldwide.

Yes, we can recertify you regardless of the time that has lapsed since your last certification.

All provider cards are valid for 2 years after the date certification awarded.

Nothing is being physically mailed. American Heart Association provides eCards, the eCard is the electronic equivalent of the printed course completion card. The AHA has phased out printed cards.

Our website does not host any form of advertisement.